Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday: Full of Gratitude

I'm awake entirely too early today, surely in anticipation of getting the rest of my insanely long "to-do before traveling" list done (not to mention my excitement about my trip this weekend). But I'm going to sit here in the quiet with my coffee and have a moment of reflecting on what I feel most grateful for this morning. Here it is:

1. For my husband's job for not only providing enough for us to live comfortably but also occasionally having clients in exciting locations that need him to travel there

2. For the funds to make it possible for me to tag along to said exciting locations

3. For my in-laws and parents for being willing and able to take care of five children for two days each

4. For the opportunity to spend a few days alone with my husband to explore, relax, finish a conversation, eat and drink to excess

5. For a few days of not having to take care of anyone else and to recharge. This Lady of Perpetual Motion could use a little rest.

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