Friday, November 1, 2013

Five on Friday: Five Best Things About Halloween 2013

Since our last two Halloweens were all but ruined by crazy weather (2011 October ice storm that caused power outages and school to be closed all week,  2012 “Superstorm” Sandy that caused power outages and school to be closed all week), this was our first normal Halloween in years. The five best things about it:

1. The Halloween parade at school! There wasn't one last year. It's so fun to see all  the little kids march around in their cute and funny costumes.

2. The rain that threatened held off.

3. It was even warm enough to trick or treat without having to hide costumes under jackets.

4. B, who was dressed up as Edward Scissorhands, had a great idea for me to be one of the ladies who got a haircut from Edward. I happened to have a great vintage dress from Babci that worked perfectly.

5. Trick or treating around our neighborhood with friends makes it more fun for everyone. So happy to have had two other families walking with us last night.

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  1. I bet Halloween is always awesome in your household, no matter what!