Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday: Everyone's Favorite Not Very Funny Jokes

(These aren't comments that offend or annoy me, just dumb/silly "hardy har har" jokes that people love to make to me.)

1. (If I say I feel a little sick) Maybe you're pregnant!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!

2. I'll just leave my kid at your house, you'll never notice another one!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!

3. Oh, can't I just take this cute little one? You'll never notice one missing!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!

4. You must drink a lot huh? Ha ha ha ha ha!!

5. You must really like kids, huh?? Ha ha--oh wait, that one is true, I do really like kids, let me try that again...

5. Who do you guys think you are, Brad and Angelina?? Ha ha ha ha ha!!

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