Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday: Best Things People Said to Me Regarding the Rape

1. "I believe you." I don't remember any of the police officers, detectives or doctors actually saying this to me but none of them ever doubted me. I will be forever thankful.

2.  "Just ask her." My therapist, when I told her I was worried that K might have felt guilty about not waking up when I screamed but afraid to ask her because I didn't want her to think that I was mad at her about it.

3. "No, I don't feel guilty." Oh thank goodness, she didn't feel guilty. And then we got to have a conversation about what happened to her that night (the police took me away and left her there alone, in an apartment with a slashed screen and a rapist just there promising to come back and kill if the police were called). She also opened up to me about her own newfound fears. It was good for our healing together.

4. "Do you want to go out to the Knight Club with us?"

5. And most recently, an anonymous comment on my blog yesterday:

Thank you for a beautiful retelling of a terrible story. 
P.S. Who rapes someone with a fanny pack on?

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