Friday, August 9, 2013

Five on Friday: Five Reasons this Summer has a Survival Theme

1. At the beginning of the summer I was thinking my goal with 3 yo A would be to nighttime potty train and/or wean her off the nighttime pacifier. Then we went swimming and I saw that she was totally daring and fearless near the water so I figured instead my goal instead would just be to keep her alive.

2. My nearly 13 yo B is starting to have a some teenage attitude here and there, giving me my first taste of what it will be like to endure parenting a teenager. Joy.

3. Living through putting an addition on our house with five kids. And a broken oven. For the most part it's fine but there are small challenges like "How do I cook zucchini bread on the grill? Where on earth are we going to eat tonight? Where are the kids going to sleep?"

4. Here on my blog, anything that has to do with sexual assault is tagged with the label "survival." I've had a few essays tagged as such including the "Big Reveal" which I posted earlier this week. Finally sharing that idea was pretty huge to me. Also today I got a letter in the mail from the State Parole Board . . . time to send in a statement again. Pffffft. This gets increasingly difficult for me to do. I am fairly certain this is his last chance for parole before his release date of February 2016.

5. Surviving Babci's death. I've never lost someone I was that close to before (lucky me. Unlucky me.)

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