Thursday, April 18, 2024

Five on Friday: The Reviews are Rolling In

Since my NJ PBS premiere last week, I've got to say life is . . . pretty much the same aside from the occasional person saying, "I saw your show on PBS."

But that's not the only feedback I've gotten. Some of my favorites:

1. After the viewing party, the 13-year-old (who was a part of this conversation . . . and was chatting with friends during the show so she missed the only part of my story that mentioned her specifically) said: "I actually had fun tonight."

(Yes, I know she really just meant she had fun with her friends . . . but she admitted it to me so that counts for something.)

2. A comment on the NJPBS instagram post of the show's trailer   made by a stranger on  who reveals in their profile that they live with eight cats:

"You had me at I can't believe women do this twice"

3. From the alleged adults out in Pittsburgh, via text:
    (Daughter): I could actually already hit play but I’m waiting  
    (Son) I can’t watch until later I’m mad as hell
    (Daughter) #cried
    (Daughter) I liked hearing Nicole’s :)
    (Son) Man I want to go to a Story Slam
    (Son) That was super cool

4. My friend's online Spanish lessons sometimes spill over into email. She shared this with me:

Me ha encantado, se ha construido una comunidad muy especial entorno a ese café. La historia de Gina con sus hijos y la de la dueña del café en la pandemia me han emocionado. Qué gran lugar ese café con esa comunidad!

5. But this one takes the cake (My friend got this text from her mom):

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  1. So you know Connie not only posted it in her stories but emailed all of us to make sure that we watch!