Friday, March 8, 2024

Five on Friday: Facebook Memories

Before there were Texts with the Teens to look back on for oh-so-sweet memories of conversations with my kids (and long after I gave up writing them down in actual paper journals) . . . there were daily memories on Facebook. I am ever glad to have them--I start most days downstairs in the dark by myself with my coffee so I can take a stroll down memory lane with gems like these:

1.  These days he can dress himself so maybe he could fight fires after all.

2. From a family charade night, my son wrote this and I had to act it out:

("dj playing rap")

3.  The world  may never know what this is supposed to mean:

4. This guy now regularly posts pictures & videos of himself both attending & performing at all manner of concerts:

5. But this one will always tug at my heartstrings the most:

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