Friday, February 9, 2024

Five on Friday: Appreciation Post

Lately I've been very much appreciating:

1. Watching the basketball coaches on the sidelines of games. I recently realized that I enjoy this the same way I enjoy watching the High School band directors conducting at concerts. Passionate, involved, actively participating and obviously invested but not a part of the team (or band). I dig it. 

Not the best example but I felt sort of creepy taking the video. But you can see what I mean, right? The pacing, the clapping . . . dude is definitely a part of the game while not part of the game.

2. Not working weekends. I didn't mind working on Saturdays at my old job and most of the time I actually liked it. But now that I have Saturdays off . . . well, I might like that even better.

3. Winter sunrises. It's been a mild winter (this pics is from the only snow we've had) but I still hate it and long for spring. That being said, I can't deny how gorgeous the winter sunrises are here.

4. Intergenerational friendships. Since I have so many friends that are older than me, as I'm approaching fifty I find myself thinking, "Only fifty? I'm still a baby!" 

5. Large scale art exhibits.

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