Friday, January 12, 2024

Five on Friday: New Year, Old Me (?!)

It's 2024 and here I am, still trying to squeeze in exercise, not forget to pick kids up from sports,  plan a Day of Community Service in my quote unquote spare time. The one major difference is that I'm working outside of the home full-time now so let's just say there are some ongoing adjustments. 

1. Kid: "Mom, when do you go to the grocery store?" 
    Me: "I honestly don't even know."

2. I am finally and truly embracing frozen, canned and pre-made.

3. I am literally scheduling in time to schedule things.

4.  Answering even text messages now has a much longer turnaround time. Hang in there, friends, I swear I'll get back to you.

5. As soon as I get some stamps*, I swear this much smaller-than-usual stack of post-holiday cards are getting in the mail. Aaaaany day now.

*AND I couldn't even commit to finding time to stop at the post office.
 Stamps through the mail it is!

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