Friday, November 17, 2023

Five on Friday: Funemployment to Full-Time Employment in a Flash

One of the great things about funemployment was the ability to travel without having to take time off from work, so that's what I did. The youngest and I spent a beautiful long weekend visiting the alleged adults, going out to eat, sightseeing, seeing a show, spending time with loved ones. 

And also getting a phone call with a job offer. I accepted and said yes, I'd jump right in. So that's how I went from funemployment to full time employment in a flash.

Lessons & take-aways from this first nearly-full week of full-time work:

1. I still hate doing supermarket shopping online and really don't think I'm going to use it.

2. I somehow bought bologna??? So maybe I should reconsider #1.  (In my defense, I think it was in the wrong grab & go slot. I know I was in the right section so I was only looking at the weight, not the name.)

3. Sitting at a desk for many hours for many days in a row makes my old bones ache. (I'm going to have to remember to take more frequent breaks!)

4. I really do have an amazingly wonderful, supportive and appreciative husband.

5. Starting a new job where you already know so many of the staff and volunteers is a wonderful feeling.


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