Friday, July 7, 2023

Five on Friday: Weekly Theme Summer

Do you want to know how adorable I used to be? Ten plus summers ago, I'd plan out stuff like this:

Not only that, but the kids would do it all . . . without complaint . . . and enjoy it. 

The current teenage residents really just want to be on their screens or maybe go to the mall. They think that I (& my ideas) are all super cringey so it's hard to imagine weekly theme summers now. 

Unless, of course, I completely adapted them. I'm creative! I am sure I could think of PLENTY of weekly themes for my 13, 15 and 17-year-olds at home. I'm sure they will LOVE participating in:

1. Charm School or Who Taught These Children Manners Because They Did a Bad Job Week: Focus will be on using the manners with your parents that we know you use for other adults 

2. SPORTS WEEK! Just kidding, the sports never freaking end over here. But know what goes along with sports week life?

Nothing says "summer evening" like a soccer game, amirite?

2. Appointment Week! More forms for the doctor to fill out for more sports? LOVE IT. Let's make sure to get some specialists in, too: orthopedist, chiropractor . . . could we be so lucky to add surgeon to the list??? Anything is possible in appointment week!

3. Humor Your Parents Week: I don't care how boring or cringey our suggestions are: family walk/hike/bike ride? Connect Four? MUSEUMS? It's ON, baby. Without complaint.

4.  Fuck Around & Find Out Week: in which they continue to disregard my polite requests so the consequences are jacked up. Our motto is: "Confiscating cell phones is just the beginning."

5. DIY Week, also entitled: Ask Not What Your Mother Can Do For You Week: During this week, nobody is allowed to ask Mom for anything. Not a meal, not the location of their own belongings, not a ride. They are also most certainly not allowed to text Mom at work with a question when Dad is at home with them.

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