Friday, July 1, 2022

Five on Friday: One Week of Summer

First a little recap . . . 


Big kids aka alleged adults: no jobs
Little kids: no camp
Parents: virtual work

Some travel (to a family beach cottage where we could remain secluded but just . . . elsewhere) and outdoor playdates (wherein I felt like I had to constantly break the kids up from play-wrestling and hugging which were activities that clearly could not happen six feet apart).


Basically the same but with at least some of us vaccinated, doing things like going out to get ice cream or letting friends step into the house to use the bathroom or get a drink felt more possible.


Everything opening back up coincides with changes to our family since the kids are older and in different life stages now. 

Alleged adults: not even living here (!)
Little kids: can hardly be referred to as the little kids anymore. Only one of them is still shorter than me and it's just by a hair. Our youngest son is a rising freshman which means he's booked pretty solid with summer workouts and practices at the High School with his older brother (who will also hopefully be kept busy with a part-time job and behind-the-wheel driving practice though I'll admit I'm more excited by the former than the latter). Youngest has some day camps and a TWO-WEEK sleep-away camp later this summer.
Parents: working and more freedom to take walks and bike rides together and go out socially without having to worry about who's watching the kids.

To summarize, this summer is more normal, but it's a new normal for our changing family. Here's a recap of our first full week:

1. Work for me is less virtual than ever and (lucky, lucky, LUCKY me) includes opportunities to connect with community in so many different ways (and venues!)

Monthly Story Slam at Scout's with yours truly as a host

Back to packing the museum with folks for interesting lectures!

2. This guy might be going to High School in the fall but he still loves babying this ridiculous dog and now he has more time to do it.
I think she likes it.

3. Back to the basics of good old-fashioned summers means eating outside, pool parties with friends and lots of time for card games. 

4. House full of kids on a rainy day felt like the kind of summer day that we've loved for years, including: bracelet-making, video-game playing, cookie baking, shenanigans, chicken-butt competition truce and so many laughs. "New normal" version of this perfect day means they're all old enough to figure out what they want to do on their own, clean up after themselves (with reminders), get along without needing me to break up any fights. Sometimes I really like the new normal.

5. Speaking of summer shenanigans! Actual footage of me pushing my way ahead of my child (okay I say child, and he isbut I would like to remind you he is much bigger and stronger than me and I did ask him to protect me) to get into the house after we (okay, I) threw a rock at one or more raccoons in the garbage can. 

Meanwhile, our older son--who I'd like to inform you is afraid of lady bugs--came home and tried to befriend it. He'd like to make it a pet. Maybe I should be encouraging him to get those driving hours in so he can drive himself for rabies shots.

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