Friday, June 10, 2022

Five on Friday: Things the Kids Have Let Me Know That They Need This Week

The end of the school year is always a hectic time but this year feels worse than usual (Is it because the last two years have been calmer? Is it because we are enrolled in too many damned sports? Could it be . . . both?).

To illustrate, here's an actual conversation I recently had with my husband:

Me: I remembered to get the water bottles for the track thing, but I don't remember which track thing is it for, Monday or Tuesday?

Hm: (blank stare) . . . I . . . I have no idea.

Since that's where we're at, the kids keep throwing us fun little chaos curveballs by making insane last minute requests.

Here's a sampling of what they let me know they need, ASAP for the most part, because that's how they roll:

1. Khaki shorts for the banquet tomorrow. "Remember, Mom? I don't have any that fit?" No, kid, clearly I did not remember or you wouldn't be asking me to buy shorts on 24-hour notice.

2. A "bag of random candy" for class . . . for Thursday or maybe Wednesday, can you just go get some today after work?

3. A birthday gift to bring to school for a kid she's never spent any time hanging out with. For tomorrow please . . . "if you're going out for random candy anyway, why can't you just buy something for her?"

Sure, kids, I'll pencil that in right here.

4. Immediate registration for the summer intramural/workouts/soccer/camp thing. Things, plural, actually. Oh also you have to make sure all the online medical stuff is done, too. Did you do it yet?

5. DOUBLE WHAMMY! A party for fifteen of her closest friends, including at least half we've never met or even heard of before on Saturday, the same day her brother would like to have "let's see, the van holds fifteen but there's me and one of you has to drive so can I invite thirteen kids over before the dinner dance and you can drive us all?" 

BONUS ENTRY: Because the hits just keep coming . . . "Mom, the dance? The boys aren't all wearing shorts and Hawaiian shirts anymore. Could you get me some dress pants and shoes by Saturday?"

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