Friday, April 8, 2022

Five on Friday: This Teenager is an Absolute JOY

This young man is just such a pleasure lately. He is turning sixteen next week and I am telling you, he is an absolute joy to be around.

Examples from the past five days: 

1. He wanted a ride to a friend's house. I wanted to run to the store. So I was waiting for him to get ready so I could drop him off and then do my shopping. 

And waiting. And waiting.

Sixty minutes later, he emerged from his bedroom cave dressed in a wrinkled top, pajama pants and slippers. One hour was needed to curate this look, friends. ONE. HOUR.  

2. If I didn't blur his face out and it wasn't turning away from the camera, you could see how pissed he was that I:
    a) thought this was hysterical and
    b) wanted to document it

3. After assuring me he would not take his phone to bed overnight, I caught him with his phone in bed in the morning.  I confiscated it. He was insistent that I was the one in the wrong.

4. Offers to help him prepare for his very first job interview were met with unintelligible grunts and some pretty severe eye rolls.

This was all by Tuesday night! But then Wednesday came--first job interview day!--and this man-child was sweet, charming and spoke to me without mumbling all day long.  He asked for my opinion and made me laugh. 

WHAT THE HELL, KID? I'm trying to write a list about what a pain in the ass you've been and this is how you act? So now, dear reader, we enter the "Choose Your Own Adventure" ending for today's list:

Entry #5, option 1: He started acting nice when I needed him to do one more annoying thing so now technically him being nice is actually annoying.


Entry #5, option 2: Cameo appearance by younger brother, circa Tuesday night's dinner.

Me, quietly, to myself: I always forget just how tasty this recipe is! This dressing is delicious, we should make it more often.

14-year-old son, out loud, to the loving parents who purchased, planned and prepared his food:
This dinner is so mid.

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