Friday, February 4, 2022

Five on Friday: You Say Dining Room, I Say . . . a Photo Essay of Sorts

Did you have a dining room growing up? I did not but I'd see them in other people's homes. They looked like fancy affairs with lots of stainable fabric leading me to believe that probably nobody ever ate in them (and if they did they had to know about which forks to use and most likely didn't have any fun during meal times). 

Now that I do have a dining room, I realize it's true: very little dining happens there. It's not because ours is all fancy and off-limits, it's just . . . a convenient place for many other uses. I figured most modern families use theirs the same way but then I saw this yesterday, from a glossy "local life" sort of newspaper insert:

To be honest, the word nerd over here initially spent some time wondering if that misspelling was on purpose, some sort of clever play on words that I'm unaware of (closest I could come up with was that a "comback" is a type of chair, but I don't think the ones pictured are it) before I realized, "Oh wow. Other people still have fancy dining rooms just for . . . dining."

Not here, folks, not here. You may say dining room but I say:
1. Office (& sometimes classroom)

2. Game room

3. Home gym

4. Home museum (Is that a thing? Here it is!)

5. Garage 

Oh wait are we at five already? I'm not done yet!! It's also a storage facility, workshop space, mudroom  . . . 

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