Friday, February 25, 2022

Five on Friday: How I Spent My Unexpected Late Winter Staycation

On Sunday, the offspring informed me that they'd have a half-day of school on Wednesday. 

"Oh no, no, no, my children, you must be mistaken as we are currently in the throes of a four-day weekend."

Sadly, they were correct. 

A disrupted school schedule always throws everything off, nobody's known what day it is all week (how on Earth is is Friday again and me without a post ready?) When I heard we'd be getting winter weather, I knew it would result in a school cancellation because that just makes sense on a week that's already had a day and a half off. (Two days if you count last Friday.)

With all the days off and the gorgeous couple of days of this year's second fake spring, it's almost like I've been on an unexpected late winter staycation.

Here's how I spent it:

1. We spent a good part of the day on Friday recreating this old photo of our good friend with his daughter in his place. We copied as many of the small details as we could.

(While insisting "I do not look exactly like my Dad, I don't know why everyone says that," she was also really patting herself on the back for how well she was able to mimic his smile. )

2. Donating blood. This always makes me feel good and I love that I can do it right next door at the high school.

3. Graveyard stomping. 

4. Basically begging every day (yes, at this point I feel safe calling it begging) for votes for our museum as the best in the county.
Vote for us here!

5. Plus, actually now that I gratefully reflect, some good family and friend time this past week: one walk with a friend, day drinks with other friends, coffee with another friend . . . a couple of rounds of Uno, a few kids' basketball games to watch. 

Oh, and what really might have been the best part of all: on my walk with a friend through the park on Monday, I could see that the boys' track team was coming our way. My son is on that team. I wasn't sure if my existence would mortify him so I was prepared to not make eye contact all. Well that charmer lit up with his world-famous smile and WAVED TO HIS MOTHER IN PUBLIC ENTIRELY OF HIS OWN ACCORD.

Best unexpected staycation ever.

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