Friday, January 7, 2022

Five on Friday: First Five

This week's title is a double entendre--it is the first Five on Friday list of the year, but the content is also "first five." As in highlights from the first five days of the New Year . . . or at least the first five of the work week (that counts because this is my page and I just said so). 

My highlights from the first five days of 2022 include:

1. One public nap (Oh, yes I did . . . and not just in my own vehicle in a public parking lot as I have been known to do but a legit waiting room couch where anybody could see me. And, given the chance, I will absolutely do it again.) 

2. Two classic games played with my oldest kid before she goes back to college.

Pente is one, Rummy 500 (our favorite) is the other

3. Three dinners eaten by me that were prepared by someone else--that must be a new record for (adult) me.

4. Four tasks (to prepare for the 19th annual/2nd drive-through MLK Day of Community Service) that I delegated out to capable and willing volunteers. (Thank you, volunteers!)

5. Five workouts (the kind that actually make me sweat and feel that good-sore the next day) done, in a row, even on the days that I was tired and full of pizza.

This is my home gym. It is also my dining room.

And this is my four-legged stalker who, I can see, has made the same exact resolution again this year. 

Unlike my dog, I personally did not make any resolutions this year . . . but if these first five are any indication of how the rest of my year will go, I'm off to quite an auspicious start! Happy New Year!

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