Friday, May 28, 2021

Five on Friday: Signs That You May Live with Athletic & Semi-Feral Teenagers

Friends, have you noticed an abundance of destruction in your home? Are your senses assaulted on a regular basis? You may be living with an athletic and semi-feral teenager . . . or maybe even more than one. Here are some common signs:

1. Socks come out of the dryer or off of the clothesline--after having been thoroughly machine washed with water and detergent--and still smell awful.

2. Observe:

  a. Lid has been removed from snack jar and has not been replaced. It is not lost, no, it is right next to the jar because making the effort to put it back properly is entirely too much effort. (This phenomena may also be seen near garbage cans, sinks/dishwashers and hampers.)

b. Cabinet doors have been left wide open.

c. Likewise, drawer has been left pulled out. Bonus: this is some sort of free cereal package they got at school that appears to have been stepped or sat upon.

3. The musky scent emanating from their bedroom(s) can be best described as neglected barnyard with heady notes of high school wrestling room.

4. Footprints appear in places they should not.

Example A: The Dishwasher Door  
5. Heard with alarming frequency: "Mom, I need new sneakers."



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