Friday, September 11, 2020

Five on Friday: Ways Remote Learning is Just Like In-Person Learning!

. . .  at least from Mom's point of view.

1.  Now that school has started, the children that have been waking up before 7 am for the majority of the summer have begun sleeping in. (Just like when they have real school! The only difference is now I can't threaten with "You're going to miss the bus!!") 

Likewise, my guy that's been sleeping in has switched a flip and is once again consistently the first one ready, but he's always been the exception to the rule in this matter.

2.  My kids are occupied all day which means my kids that can drive are no longer available to run my errands for me, but . . .

3. My kids are occupied all day!! And it's not me that's occupying them! So I can run my own damn errands, thank you very much.

4. I have absolutely no idea what their daily schedules are but they seem to know where to go at the right time so I'll just continue staying out of it.

5.  Sometimes there are fire drills! Okay, it was the smoke detector from a baking incident, but it did interrupt class with the alarm one would hear in the case of a true emergency.


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