Friday, April 10, 2020

Five on Friday: What's Your Parenting Quarantine Score?

1. For every day since last Sunday that you correctly knew what day of the week it was. Give yourself 5 extra bonus points for every time you knew which school schedule day it was.

My score: 3

2. For each one of your kids that told you that you were lucky for being allowed to go to the supermarket.

My score: 1

3. For knowing when the last time your kid took a shower (1 point per correct answer per kid)

My score: Honestly, 0. Oh wait, youngest took a bath yesterday but I specifically said "shower" so . . . half a point!

 4. For each of the things your kids have broken* during quarantine, 2 extra bonus points for each of those items that is something that really entertains them and will now be one less thing at their disposal in this crucial time of needing things to entertain themselves with. (*Not counting your soul, that's a given)

My score: Oh I'm cleaning up on this one: 9!

5. For the approximate number of breakfasts, snacks, lunches, snacks, dinners, snacks and desserts you have made since everyone’s been locked in the house together all the time. May not exceed 11 million.

My score: 11,000,000

My total score: 11,000,013. 5!

What did you get?

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