Friday, April 24, 2020

Five on Friday: Not at All Stir Crazy*

Quarantine, Week Six: 

Last night's dinner table conversation started with a debate on sharts (If you know you are going to do so and don't run to the bathroom, is it still a shart? Or at that point would it just be pooping your pants?) While hilarious and rather . . . thought-provoking, I can't say I love bathroom talk while I'm eating my dinner.

So I was glad the topic was abruptly changed by someone asking, "How many Willies are there?" I was confused by the question at first but was quickly reminded that the children (and their father, I believe) had recently been discussing the classic sibling torture technique known as the Wet Willy.

A traditional Wet Willy is when you lick your finger and stick in into someone's ear. (Wow, that sounds really gross when you write it out.) My enterprising family had been discussing Dry Willies as an option. What were the advantages? Disadvantages? Etc. 

Which led to last night's question and got us all wondering: just how many Willies are there??? We came up with quite a few but the rhyming ones were my favorite:

1. Chilly Willy: Packing a snow ball into someone's ear; not to be confused with:

2. Chile Willy


3. Hill Billy Willy: Sticking a piece of straw into someone's ear

4. Silly Willy: I wasn't sure what the interpretation of this one would be but then they asked if I could pretty pretty please, the next time I go to the store, please please look for some of this:

5. Milli Vanilli Willy: My personal favorite because it's ridiculous, fun to say and my husband came up with a fantastic way to carry this one out that doesn't potentially end with a trip to the Emergency Room during a pandemic: All you have to do is start singing a Milli Vannilli or other song and get that ear worm stuck in someone's head.

*Why that title for this week's Five on Friday? I just wanted to point out that while the above conversation may seem like it's the result of seven people with a bad case of cabin fever, the fact is we have conversations like this all the time. I can, however, thank the quarantine for providing more family together time and thus ample opportunity for these ridiculous conversations to happen.

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