Friday, December 27, 2019

Five on Friday: Holiday Laughs

Hope everyone is having a restful, joyful, delicious weeks with lots of belly laughs. Here are a few funnies from our holiday week at home:

1. Christmas Eve:

9-year-old A: "Can (19-year-old sister) B put eye make up on me before we go to Grandma's?"

Me: (knowing that sometimes B has a little too much fun with this) "Can you just not look like a drag queen please?"

Her: "Definitely."

Me: "Sure"

 2. Christmas Morning:

13-year-old E, distributing gifts:  "This one says To the love of my life in Daddy's handwriting  . . . I guess it's for you"

This shirt was a gift made for me by the love of my life.

3. Christmas Day:

Me: "Did you see this picture A drew? She's been watching this videos on how to draw"
Our neighbor: "Oh that's so cute! Who's that, Zoloft?"

4. Christmas Evening:

11-year-old Z:  "I didn't really get any toys this year."

Me:   "Well, you are getting older . . . you didn't even ask for any toys!"

Him:  "Wait, what did I even ask for anyway?"

(glad I didn't adhere exactly to the ideas he kept shooting at me)

5. Morning after Christmas:

9-year-old A: "I'm bored."

Me: "Nope."

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