Friday, November 29, 2019

Five on Friday: Home Cooking

Funny how for all these years I’ve been saying, “you guys are sure going to miss my cooking when you go to college” since my daughter will be returning to school on Sunday completely loaded up with home cooked food to take with her.

I love that her school gives a week off for Thanksgiving as she was missing home a little bit. We had so much fun together . . . and also  I cooked and cooked so I can send her back with a bunch of homemade food to fill her tiny freezer and “pantry” (also known as a milk crate standing on its side) with:

1.    Coconut Pecan granola

2.   Personal pizzas
3.   Tomato sauce--figured since I made some for the pizza, she might want some for pasta later

4.   Slices of chicken pot pie (shh, the other kids don't realize that & might try to steal it)

5.   Alphabet soup

Just realized there are a few more things too . . . food is love and I sure do love my girl. Hope she feels that with every bite.

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