Friday, May 10, 2019

Five on Friday: It's 80s Party Season!

Aside from actually going to parties in the 80s, I haven't really been to many 80s themed events . . . until this year. In the past two months, I've gone to FOUR of them! Being that I am usually feeling pretty overwhelmed by two jobs and five kids, I totally found time to come up with four distinct costumes and helped my husband with some of his.

Here they are in all of their unique 80s glory plus a bonus picture of me at an actual party in 1988:

1. First up: The Awesome 80s Prom! An interactive High School musical directed by a friend of me with whom I used to perform in High School musicals. I went with a Madonna theme for this one.

2. Next up was my own daughter's High School's Annual Coffeehouse event, this year with an 80s theme. I was Ms. PacMan and my youngest said she'd be a ghost. I made her a costume and then she refused to wear it. My friend's daughter wore it for a little while to appease me.

3. Then there was a birthday party that had an 80s WWF Wrestler theme. I only really know Hulk Hogan and the "Snap Into a Slim Jim" guy, neither of which appealed to me. So my husband helped me find the Fabulous Moolah. I fell in love but then he told me that she didn't really count for the 80s but Wikipedia said she did and besides I had already made up my mind because just look at her! And also me:

4. Last and maybe best . . . another birthday party, another 80s theme. Sure I could have used one of my other costumes but instead I of course felt the need to turn myself into a unicorn Trapper Keeper. As one does when they're super pressed for time.

Somehow never got a chance to get into the Photo Booth with my husband. He made an adorable Mork but we have no photo evidence. Whoops.

5. And now, the moment you've all been waiting for . . . . Homecoming, October 1988. You're welcome.

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