Friday, March 8, 2019

Five on Friday: It's March! Which Can Only Mean Five Things . . .

The calendar says it's March already but that's not the only way I know . . . there are some things that happen in this month year after year!

For example:

1. Apparently it's becoming a tradition that we have a snowstorm the first week of March. True this year, true last year . . . this year we didn't lose power but not all of our neighbors were so lucky.
March 2018: Aaah, memories . . .

2. In honor of St. Patrick's Day this month . . . Lucky Charms! Enjoy your once-a-year sugar cereal kids! I've learned to divide it up into jars. It's fun to watch who eats theirs the fastest, and who saves all their marshmallows for the end.

(Yes one jar is purple, in case you were wondering)

3. Time to make the rainbow bread! It's not that I even like St. Patrick's Day all that much, I just really like rainbows.

I hope I have enough gel food coloring left over from last year--it's the only way to go

4. Birthday season begins! Two of my boys have birthdays this month and we have two more birthdays next month so gifts and celebrations are on my mind.

5. I'm 100% sick of my winter wardrobe and am longing for skirt and sandal days.

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