Friday, October 26, 2018

Five on Friday: Things My Kids Know I'm a Sucker For

Any kid worth their salt intrinsically knows what their parents are suckers for. And if there's one thing all five of my kids are, it's salty.

They know, without doubt, that:

1. I will always say yes to taking free books (the same cannot be said about free stuffed animals. Even though I really like things that are free, I maintain that stuffed animals breed in captivity.)

2.  I will always allow a banana at bedtime (usually I'm pretty mean and say no to last minute attempts at stalling bedtime by asking for a snack but if it's a banana? Okay.)

3. I will let them watch anything on PBS at pretty much any time of the day (Though my 8-year-old recently told me that she's too old for PBS)

4. Likewise, they know their chances for getting me to say yes to additional screentime are pretty damn high if it's to play educational games (Can you spell SUCKER? S-U-C-K-E-R)

5. Lastly, these kids know their mother pretty well and they rest assured knowing that if they use a curse word correctly in a sentence around me, they'll never get in trouble. (And that I'll probably laugh)

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