Friday, December 15, 2017

Five on Friday: Winter Games


I know it's not officially winter yet but once there's a fire going 24/7 here it sure feels like it is. And based on how the kids are occupying their time lately, it must be winter. Here's a list of the top five winter activities here that indicate to me that the seasons have really changed:

1. The yard full of children I see when I look out of the window are now playing football in the snow instead of soccer in the grass.

2. Board games are being played with much more frequency, and fun house rules are popping up (like every time you get a "Sorry" in the board game with the same name you have to sing Justin Beiber's song. But like Obama in this parody version.)

3. There are also some house variations to games happening, like trying to play Connect Four with your eyes closed.

4. The bikes that I suggested we put away in the basement a few weeks ago? You know, because it's getting colder and nobody's been riding them? They were being ridden across the neighbor's yard in the fresh snow yesterday because I'm raising little weirdos.

5. There's more screen time than there is in the summer, but it's been Mommy's choice of movies lately and I've been having fun watching some childhood favorites with the kids--particularly Annie, which I apparently know almost every single word to. (I mean not just the songs, that's obvious, but every damn line in the movie. Don't ask me what I had for lunch yesterday though.)

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