Friday, March 10, 2017

Five on Friday: No "Either" . . . Just OR

Early on in parenting, Daddy-O and I mastered the talent of giving kids choices. Stubborn toddler dragging their feet about getting out the door? Asking them if they want to put on EITHER their shoes OR their jacket on made them feel like THEY were in charge but still helped us get out the door in a more timely fashion.

Eventually they stop being stubborn toddlers, thank goodness. They still get a voice in decision making for themselves . . . not all the time though. Sometimes, there's not either/or here, kids. I'm the parent and I say:

1. It's my way OR the highway.  Sometimes that's just the case. (Sorry not sorry)

2. Whisper OR don't talk at all. Seriously. You don't understand how loud you are. Shh.

3. Shoes on OR socks off. You're outside. Come on.

4. Get back to getting along with one another OR get back to bed. I cannot deal with bickering this early in the morning.

5. Gum in your mouth OR the garbage. I didn't understand why it grossed grown-ups out so much to see kids pulling gum out of their mouth and stretching it, etc . . . but now I get it. *shudder*

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