Friday, January 13, 2017

Five on Friday: Gratitude

I'm in the throes of planning my 14th Annual Martin Luther King Day of Community Service, which, along with all of the regular jobs I do on a daily basis, is keeping me extra busy these days. I'm at the point in which I just really want Monday to be here so we can do this thing.

But I'm taking a deep breath, crossing the last of the "MLK TO DO" jobs off of my list, and taking a moment to be grateful, for:

1. Monetary donations from friends, strangers and acquaintances. I am not established as a legit non-profit agency (this is once a year, too much paperwork), I don't answer to anyone on how I spend the money . . . but they trust me to spend it well (and I do and share pictures to prove it!)  The generosity of people this year has astounded me.

2. Plenty of offers of help to run this event

3. The very mild weather this week is encouraging me to get out of the family room and away from my exercise videos and outside for my runs, where I not only exercise my body but get the chance to clear my head.

4.  Remembering to delegate when I can

5. A new job offer! (But more on that later, must get back to my to do list!)

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