Friday, December 11, 2015

Five on Friday: Letters to Santa

From oldest to youngest:

1. (B, age 15) Because she likes playing music for everyone, and for just herself (also she's operating under the delusion that she's older than her mother with her continued love for vinyl)

2. (G, age 13) Ranked by priority. 1. Money (Not the Pink Floyd song, Santa, currency. American currency. There's a fine line between being clever and being "that guy," you red-suited son of a reindeer.)  Oh, son. I hope Santa shares your sense of humor.

3. (E, age 9) A long (long) list of toys and video games he'd like. And then this:

(Big sister: "He sure knows how to butter Santa up, huh?")

4. (Z, age 7) "What's your fafrit coler and who are your frinds?" From the best boy. (If he does say so himself.)

5. (A, age 5) Another one that knows how to butter the big man up.

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