Friday, December 19, 2014

Five on Friday: Mollyisms

Molly is the seven year old daughter of one of my very best friends. On Friday afternoons she gets off the bus at our house and plays for a couple of hours. She's sweet and fun, gets along with all the kids (and adores a certain fourteen year old girl over here) and comes up with some really funny things.

Here are five recent Mollyisms that make me smile (with big thanks to that aforementioned 14 year old for coming up with this idea and helping me compile the list) :

1. Me: "So what are you guys doing this weekend?'
 Molly: "I'm going to a birthday party for one of my best, best, best, best friends."
 Me: "Oh yeah? What's her name?"
 Molly: "I forget."

2. "Freaky Friday is really funny. It's about these two teenagers and their Friday is really freaky." 
(I found out later she's never seen it.)

3. One week she got off the bus with a brace on her wrist. I asked her what happened and she said,    "I was chasing a ladybug. And then fell off of the kitchen table."

4. " None of those presidents smile in their pictures. Did you know why? They all have wooden teeth! I mean, plastic teeth. Both wooden and plastic!"

5. Last week she came bearing gifts of little paper wallets for each of the kids. Her brand name? Wallet is Molly's, but with her misspelling it's even cuter (and SO fun to say. Try it, you won't be able to stop)

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