Friday, December 5, 2014

Five on Friday: Pro Tips--Holidays with the Kids

 Overwhelmed by the upcoming holidays? 

I can help.

 I've learned a thing or two in the past fourteen years as a parent and I'm going to share some of my knowledge with you today. Most are Christmas-specific but the first three could be easily applied to other holidays as well.

1. Want to get all of the kids smiling at the same time for a holiday photo? Have someone stand behind the photographer and moon the kids. (At least that's how we got our best holiday picture ever . . . and on THE VERY FIRST TRY)

2. If you see something super cheap or free and you *think* your kid might like it, get it. Then start talking up how great one of those things are and how they should TOTALLY ask for one this year.

3. Never, ever take out the holiday decorations with the kids present. You know there's going to be some kind of really ugly, falling apart, jingle bell taped to a paper plate project that your kid won't remember if you chuck it . . . but if they see it, they will insist it is their most beloved thing EVER. You can put everything back in the box once you weed it out so the kids get the joy of unloading it with you.

4. Screw the Elf on the Shelf. Too much commitment. Instead, make sure you've got Santa's number on your phone for emergency threats in moments of bad behavior desperation.

5. Got cousins? Get Secret Santa. Cuts down on the spending, consumerism and chaos.

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