Friday, September 19, 2014

Five On Friday: Best Fan Feedback

 Why do I blog? At first I really wasn't sure, so many people encouraged me to do start one I just thought I'd give it a go. Now I use it as a platform for discussing so much that's important to me and also get to share with the world (well, five hundred and something of you anyway) all the great, funny and poignant things my kids do.

Once in awhile I really wonder why I keep at it and then I get a message from a follower that makes me feel good about my writing. Here are my favorites:

1. This is hard for me--but I wanted to thank you for being one of the strong ones.
2.  I was a kid . . . and I can't talk about this shit. But I heal through your words, because you are being the adult I needed. And every time you talk about that stuff, I heal more.

3. I love reading everything you write. You are now on my mind frequently! And I so enjoy your helpful creative mom stuff.

4. I just had to write and say that I have no children but I find myself everyday laughing at your page. You make me smile and I look forward to your posts......this kinda sounds creepy but I mean it genuinely. I appreciate your talent of writing....yup sounds creepy....anyway, look forward to your five on friday next week!

5.  I LOVE your blog! I just love it. It's so funny. Every day when I see there's something new, I'm so happy because it always makes me laugh. Your kids are just so funny. I mean, I have my kids, but you know, they're not as crazy as yours.

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