Friday, February 14, 2014

TEN on Friday: Ideas of Entertainment on Yet Another Snow Day

Brainstorming in the morning helps me get through these snow days! Here are some ideas for getting through today:

1. Finally make that snow ice cream recipe
2. Play school and get the littles to practice their reading/math
3. Big kids can finish their project they started last night for their club at the library
4. Wii sports tournaments
5. Board game tournaments
6. Maybe some sewing--no projects in mind but I have felt which is easy for the kids to work with so maybe I'll look up some ideas that'd appeal to them
7. Start to come up with ideas for Z's birthday party (and maybe G's too--both in March)
8. Look in science experiment book for ideas
9. Enlist kids in figuring out what will be for dinner tonight and then preparing it together. Oh, maybe a themed dinner? With decorations, music, costumes?
10. Make birthday cards to send to Colin

Scenes from yesterday's painting with cookie cutters

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