Friday, February 7, 2014

Five on Friday: Five Nice Things That Happened this Past Week

 1. We watched B's last performance of "Annie" on Sunday. The actors line up to give autographs after the show. Our five year old Z rushed to get his sister's but didn't want an autograph from anyone else.

2. After learning about my deep love for Sassy magazine when I was a teenager, Daddy-O surprised me with this book:

3. I love getting out the Valentine decorations and finding some of the kids' homemade Valentines from over the years. Hands down favorite is the blue one: that's a heart-shaped toilet with poop in it and says "I love you, you love poop." (Made by B for G back when they were probably five and almost four years old)

 4. One of our activities for MLK Day of Service was to take home a paper bag with a recipe attached to it and then fill the bag with the recipe's ingredients and bring it to one of the drop-off locations so it can be donated to one of the local Food Pantries. I picked up some of them up on Wednesday and was filled with gratitude for the generous people in my community.

5. Finally remembered to try a snow day project we saw online: frozen colored water balloons! It was fun and they look really cool. Somehow though we still haven't tried that new snow ice cream recipe we've seen . . . not sure how since we've had two snow days and two two-hour delays this week! That's alright, I hear there is more snow coming. We can try again next week.

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