Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday: Five Parenting Tips

1. Keep a change of clothes for the kids in the car even after the risk of potty accidents is over—at least for trips that are over an hour or two away. Otherwise you might be buying a $30 souvenir tee shirt for a kid that barfed on the way to the museum. (Speaking of extra shirts in the car, one for yourself might be a good idea, particularly when you have a baby that might spit up all over you or milk that spontaneously erupts from your body on occasion.)

2. Buckle those stroller seat belts—even if your toddler isn’t the kind to try to climb out at the wrong time, hit a rock or piece of garbage and you will come to an abrupt stop and send your kid flying. (Sorry about that B. Hope you don't remember it.)

3. Don’t even bother with trying to vacuum rice off the floor after dinner until it’s had time to properly dry. After breakfast the next day is the ideal time. Or just get a dog.

4. How can you stay calm when they are playing wild, rough and crazy outside? Turn away. Literally just turn your back when they are riding bikes up the slide or playing "Swing of Doom" and just wait to hear if there's laughing or crying at the end.

5. If your very young, very book smart child tells you that the lizard that was hit by the lawnmower is “totally effed” ask for clarification before you get upset. He might actually be saying that lizard is “totally an eft” which smartypants know is an antiquated word for lizard. (Seeing as it was hit by the lawnmower, it was also totally effed. Thanks for the laugh and teaching us a great Scrabble word, G.)


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