Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday: Top Babci Sayings

1.     Something in Polish that I’ve asked Polish speakers what the correct spelling is and neither of them know exactly what I’m talking about. She would use it in a joking “Okay, to hell with you” sort of way but I could swear she said the literal meaning was more like “Go take a shit.” It sounded something like “Vish-shly-shah” (Anyone have any ideas?) 
2.     When leaving someone’s house, “Tell your Mother we were here!”
Particularly funny when we’d be at my mom’s house and leaving together. 

3.     When someone asked to use the bathroom at her house, she’d tell them to put a nickel in the slot.

4.     Long before the “three second rule” she had her own version. She’d say “You’ve got to eat a peck of dirt before you die.” One day I got frustrated with her and said, “I’m sure I’ve already eaten about a HUNDRED SPECKS of dirt!” and she laughed and explained to me that it was a PECK (like a bushel and a peck).

5.     Whenever we got a little boo boo she’d say, “by the time your married, you’ll never know you had it.”

6.     Bonus! One time when I was young and my sister seven years younger, she (my sister) had a bathing suit on and an obvious wedgie.  It was annoying me so I said, “You have a wedgie, pick it!” Babci immediately picked up on this and wanted to know, “Is that what that’s called? A wedgiepickit?” I still refer to them as such.


  1. Let's try that again - I wasn't trying to comment "Anonymously" Also, FYI, I tried "following" your blog and couldn't get it to work. Of course that won't stop me from reading :) Have a great weekend