Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Learning Loss

It must be June, because I’ve been seeing the signs all over the place: STOP SUMMER LEARNING LOSS!

But guess what--I don’t believe in summer learning loss.

I don’t believe the phrase even existed when I was a child.

I don’t believe it is a new epidemic so much as another invented phenomena designed to frighten parents and get them to spend their money on tutoring programs.

And I really don’t believe my children stop learning over the summer.

I don’t believe that spending time with their siblings, parents, cousins, elders and neighbors is harmful to their social skills.

I don’t believe that picking, divvying and devouring buckets full of raspberries or selling lemonade causes them to lose math aptitude.

I don’t believe drawing with chalk on the driveway or “painting” with water on the hot deck could harm their artistic capabilities.

I don’t believe that long lazy afternoons re-reading favorite novels in the hammock could possibly be detrimental to their reading comprehension capabilities.

I don’t believe daily swims or bike rides are damaging to their athletic abilities.

I don’t believe attending free concerts in the park or creating their own rock or marching bands could lessen their appreciation of music.

I don’t believe creating original theatrical works to perform for friends and neighbors could ever be damaging to their writing prowess.

I don’t believe finding deer skeletons in the woods, capturing tadpoles or raising caterpillars and releasing butterflies could possibly be detrimental to their mastery of science.

I don’t believe staying up too late making campfires and catching fireflies could ever in any way detract from my kids’ childhood memories.  I think there are lessons learned from these experiences that they could never learn in a classroom.

School may have ended yesterday but for my kids, the learning has not.


  1. Hear, hear! I am going to print out this one and frame it - sounds like summer life with our son except for the deer skeleton (how's a mama skunk with four little babies traipsing through our backyard instead?) and theatrical productions. Enjoy the learning!

  2. Aw, we haven't seen too many skunks around...but we have certainly smelled them!

  3. Awesome! No one could have said it better!