Friday, June 7, 2013

Five on Friday: Top Five Reasons This Mama of Five Kids Loves Summer

1.    Less socks to wash, dry, try to find the partner to. . . actually less clothing to wash in general since once summer hits they’ll just be in bathing suits all day pretty much anyway

2.    Less cleaning up of the house since they play outside so much. Also
More eating outside = less cleaning up food from dining room floor

3.    No homework! ! No getting up, dressed, lunches packed before bus comes!

4.  Getting to spend lots of time with my kids and take lots of fun adventures together

5.    And, of course, all the free coupons  from the library over the summer.


  1. Like "Happy Meal" coupons? You brave girl!

  2. Yes well now that I'll remember to travel with wipes and shovel it should all be okay...