Friday, June 28, 2013

Five on Friday: Favorite Things About Each Kid (& Them About Me)

1.  12.5 yo B: She’s the mini me I always dreamed of but with a healthy dose of her father (a person I really love a lot) mixed in. She's also a tremendous help to me.

2.  11 yo G:  his cartooning prowess and maturing wit. The way he really loves babies and toddlers.

3.  7 yo E: So much generosity in one little body. Also, the world’s best smile (which is currently missing two top teeth, making it that much cuter).

4.  5 yo Z: His new habit of making a bold and random statement like “Ticks don’t go on your teeth” immediately followed by the same statement in question form: “Does ticks go on your teeth???”

5. 3 yo A: Language explosion! I love to hear her sweet little voice speak to me with sentences of growing length, reasoning and complexity.

What they like about me:

1. B:"I love your enthusiasm when doing arts/crafts/cooking with me."

2. G: "You're a good cook"

3. E: "Because you play lots of fun games with us"

4. Z: "Because you make hot chocolate after we get out of the snow time"

5. A: "She play around at da beach wif me"


  1. Doesn't look like you have any reason to ever be in a "parenting slump" :) What great compliments you have for each other!

    BTW, I just saw that it is easy to follow your site - simply click "Join this site" on the right hand column and I am sure followers will get e-mail notifications of your posts. In fact, I will test it right now.

  2. I was a little worried about what the kids might say since I was dedicated to putting it out in the open like this (not sure if you saw that on Mother's Day Z wanted to enter a contest for me and so I asked him if I deserved a massage and he said 'no, you don't make me breakfast.' But I entered it anyway and won the massage! ha ha!) & thanks for checking on the email notification thing for me.

    1. I recall the Mother's Day contest but don't quite remember the details. Did it involve submitting a piece of writing? If yes, may I see it? In any case, Congratulations, that's awesome!

  3. I know you're not a facebooker, but I think you can still see the submission here:

    1. Sorry to be a pain, but it wouldn't let me access it

  4. D'oh, really? I thought it was set to public for everyone to see it?!