Friday, May 3, 2013

Five on Friday: Things My Mom Said That Were SO DUMB

(that I completely understand now)

1.    “You can’t WASH the rust off of your tricycle.” Okay, Mrs. Smartypants, I get it now. Water just makes more rust, like you told me.

2.    “I’m going to change my name”
(…She’d say after hearing “MOM!” one too many times. It was like this clip Back then I was Stewie. Now I’m Lois.)

3.    “I didn’t want to interrupt you, you were playing so nicely together outside.” 
      “MOM, we were playing WAR!” 
       “I know, but you were just playing so nicely.”  
        I really get this one now. Let playing kids play.

4.    “Stop ignoring your sister.” For the life of me I could not figure out why that would bother my mother since she wasn't the one I was ignoring. (Currently something some of my kids don't understand either.)

5.    She didn’t say this one but she wore it. She had a baseball cap w/two bills (one off to the left, one to the right) that she wore at Scouting events: “I’m their leader, which way did they go?” (Admittedly I still think that one is pretty corny but I just have an appreciation for it now I didn’t have before. I'll blame the kids for making me corny.)

BONUS! This one is about someone ELSE’S Mom! As a teenager, I went to a newer friend’s house and her Mom almost lost her shit at my friend’s constant whistling. I was convinced that woman was the meanest person I’d ever met, she was only whistling, after all. I felt so badly for my friend having such a cruel mother. 
      Fast forward 22 years and I have a son that whistles morning, noon and night. I take back all the bad thoughts I had about that other mother now.



  1. Thanks for getting me ready for the weekend with a chuckle! When my brother and I used to fight, my Mom used to say, "Why don't you two kill each other and set me free?" When my husband used to bug his Dad, his Dad used to say, "Go roller skate on the freeway." Fond memories of dumb things, indeed.

    Have a good weekend! It's my goal to write to you before it ends.

  2. Oh I'm going to have to resist using your mom's line :) !!
    Have a great one Jay.

  3. Whistling can seriously drive me INSANE.

  4. Right? I'm certain my ears are going to start bleeding soon.