Friday, April 26, 2013

Five on Friday: Earth Friendly Cleaning

1.    Baking soda and vinegar: really, your two best friends. Keep a shaker*of baking soda and a small squirt bottle* of cheap white vinegar in your bathroom. Sprinkle the soda on the sink, in the toilet, in the tub or shower. Squirt on some vinegar and voila!  All natural scrubbing bubbles. Bonus: if your kid decides to lick the white stuff on the side of the tub, it’s not poisonous. (Why, son? Why? At least it was better than the time he tried to eat cat litter out of the litter box.) 

2.    You can also pour exactly one glug of vinegar into your washing machine in place of fabric softener. You know what else cheap old white vinegar is good for? Killing weeds. I pour it around my patio so I don’t have to pick them out from between all the bricks. Yes, I buy vinegar in the BIG jugs.

3.    Homemade stain remover: 1 T baking soda, 1 T dishwashing liquid, and 1 T Hydrogen peroxide. Combine all three and keep in a squirt top container.* Use it to pre-treat stubborn stains. Wash as usual. (This stuff works GREAT. You might want to test in a hidden spot before using on something delicate/you care a lot about but for me it hasn't caused any problems.)

4.    Washcloths instead of paper towels for most cleaning.  I still use paper towels on mirrors and glass but washcloths on everything else…counter and stovetops, etc.

5.    The best homemade glass and window cleaner I’ve ever tried: Combine ¼ c white or apple cider vinegar, ¼ c rubbing alcohol, 1 T cornstarch and 2 c water in a spray bottle*.  Mix well. The cornstarch will settle between uses so be sure to shake thoroughly before each use.

*See? I told you I’d be referencing how to use those plastic containers I told you about last week!

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