Tuesday, December 20, 2016

When Your Grandmother is a Badass

When your Grandmother is a badass
And you religiously swallow her stories whole . . .
Maybe not so much like those pasty wafers that you couldn’t wait to be old enough to try
But maybe more like the tic-tacs she’d give you during Mass for that “tickle in your throat”
Which was really just a diversion since Mass was so boring and even though your Mother would try to use reverse psychology and point out how nicely that family with all those children sat; they sat so still and so quietly that they had the audacity to sit in the very front pew where Father could see them being so goddamned good

When your Grandmother is a badass
And you did know how to be respectful and listen at church
Maybe not as much as those kids in the front row who never even twitched
But maybe you gleaned from those holy tic-tac stories that there are more important things
On which to spend your energy than showing the man in charge just how obedient you are; that sitting so still and so quietly was okay for some other girls, but wasn’t going to always be okay for those that inherited some of that badassery which would sometimes manifest as a tickle in the throat.

(Thursday would have been her 101st Birthday. If she were still alive, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't like what I wrote in her honor; I'm not sure she'd get that "badass" is meant as a compliment. But it absolutely is.)

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